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Metatrader Connector

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At first let me explain you what is Metatrader connector. By this strategy you can trade manually and automatically from MT4 to IQ Option. You can use any signal indicator to trade automatic or manual. For that you don’t have to open IQ Option Platform.


Let’s Start

First install the alpari MT4 or any other MT4 you want to use. After Finishing the setup log in to your mt4 account via demo server. If you don’t have any account you can simply create a free account.

After successful log in open mt4 data folder. Go the MQL4 folder. Copy all from our MQL4 folder and paste it to your mt4 MQL4 folder. Replace all.

Then restart your mt4.

Now open our platform. Select a base amount, martingale and select meta trader connector.

Just remember, Next time while you will start metatrader connector, start our platform first and set it for metatrader connector. Otherwise MT4 Will stuck.

Click start. As you can see, On trading history box its showing signal from mt4 server has started.

Now open a chart on your mt4 and use a default template.

How to trade Manually via Metatrader connector:

Insert auto IQ Option manual to IQ Copy trading to your chart. From common select allow DLL all imports and others. On inputs set your trading amount and expiry time. Then click ok.

Now all set.

From now while you will buy or sell from here trade will be place on your IQ Option account. For that you don’t have to open your IQ Option platform. You can use any mt4 signal or buffer indicator to trade IQ option manually from MT4.

That’s all.

How to trade automatically via Metatrader connector:

 At first insert your signal indicator on your mt4 chart. Then insert Auto IQ Option Connector to IQ Copy trading on your desire pair. From common select allow DLL all imports and others.


From inputs put your indicator name on indicator name box. Check the spelling. Don’t make any mistake here. Put your indicator buffer number for call and Put. Input your entry type. If you want to start trading on next candle when signal appear then select on next bar. Or if you want to trade instantly when signal appear then select immediate.   

Then select your trading amount and and expiry time. Now check that you have input everything correctly. Now select oaky.

Now all set. From now while you mt4 indicator will provide signal IQ Copy trading robot will place trade automatically on your account according to your settings.

If you don’t understand anything or have any doubt please check the video on our youtube channel.


We wish you good luck


Thank you

Stay with IQ Copy trading platform


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