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Use that Sales ID and License key to use free version

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License key: FREE

Note: Input sales id & License key are on caps lock.


Important Note: Our Free version works only on practice account. As you know we have 4 build in strategy on our platform two of them are unlocked on free version.

  1. Copy trade by user id (Unlocked)
  2. Copy trade by rank (Unlocked)
  3. Copy signal from server (Locked)
  4. Metatrader Connector (Locked)

As free version will work only on practice account so when you will use any of those strategy to trade automated it will copy signal from them who are trading on practice account. As you know when trader trade on practice account most of them are not serious on trading and sometimes, they just play. So, Wining ratio can be low. To get better winning ratio use real account, because when top trades trade on real account they became damn serious. Hope you understand.

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